Photo Gallery - November 2008 (Click to Enlarge)

Morning duck hunt in the corn. 20  Greenheads! Stillwater donated hunt to the Brighton Ducks Unlimited!
Black Friday Massacre Stillwater style! Chris, Rodney, Ron, and Bob with 16 honkers in the dirt at Kodak!
Brian and Will with a great November morning Goose Hunt! Remington on the DL with knee surgery but not giving up!
Bruce, Bob, Doug and Mike with another limit! The day Roscoe got his revenge! Tough day on the Sod!
The Alabama Killen' Crew - Dylan, Seth, and Daniel - with a limit of ducks by 7:30 a.m! Check out the the A.K.C's pile of ducks!
Can you say SMACK DOWN?! The Alabama Killin' Crew with a pile!
Tyler with 4 fat ones! Remington and Gauge with a one man limit!
Opening Morning Grindage with Tyler, Micheal, and Travis! Morning limit of lessers!
Jack and Karl with some morning ducks! Nice looking greenheads!
Some early morning duck action! Stillwater getting ready for another great year!
John with his first Nebraska 5X6 Whitetail! Doug with his first Nebraska Whitetail…a little 4X5 that weighed approximately 300 lbs!
Greg with his first Nebraska 5X6 Whitetail! A nice  3 ½  year old 5X5 Kansas Archery Whitetail!
Mike with his Archery Monster! Curt with a great deer!
Check out Keith's Kansas Hog! Ken with his first Nebraska archery Whitetail!