Photo Gallery - December 2008 (Click to Enlarge)

A "Sod" Pounding! Last Honkers of 2008! They fell like bowling pins! Matt, John, Kirk, and Sean on the 1st day of the their 3 day hunt!
Daniel, Keith, Anthony, & John with the fruits of a long, hard hunt at the “Murray Farm” - 12/30/08 Jeff, Dave, and Tom "Boss Man Seat Belt" Hartley with a quick mashing at Dykmans!
Micheal, Gary, Doug, Tyler, Magie (the black lab) and Guide Chris Guccione with a "windy day mash"! Father (Michael) and Son (Tyler) with Guide Chris Guccione in the middle. Enjoying the end of an awesome day!
Vince and Crew "Slapin"  the Honkers at the "Sod"! JJ, Levi, Al Sr., & Al Jr. “Spankin Em” at “The Church” - 12/29/08
Greg, Steve, & John with some Mid-Season Honkers… Norm,Carson,Rod, and Rex with a Kodak moment!
Iowa Goose Killin Crew Brad, Caleb, and Luke! Caleb, Luke, and Dad waiting for the
morning flight!
Mark, Mike, Brian & Bull with some Hog Daddy’s…12/27/08 Jess, Zander, & “Big Dawg” with limits of Honkers & One Sky Carp - 12/24/08
The Redman Gang (Scott, Mike and, Bob) with Mighty Guide TR! The Highlands Ranch D.U. Crew Chris & Keith with a Pair of 5s - 12/23/08
Team Stillwater with a "in the dirt, belly up grindage"! 20 Down for the count! Vince with Team Hartley and the Boss Man, Tom "I need a seatbelt" Hartley!
Hunter and Darren "pit action"! Shawn, Larry, Sean, and Gerry with a handful of toads!
Pounding at the 'Sod'! Can you say "it's raining green!" The Clarine Posse! 30 Greenheads!
The Carnage Continues! Chris and the Mossy Oak Crew! GET DOWN, COVER UP!
Hunt with Mark Vissering, Guide Chris Guccione, and the D.U Gang! Garry, Larry, and Steve with some Murry Hogs!
Now how did that duck get that iron on it's leg? Way to go Shane! Big League Pounding by the Mossy Oak Crew!
Quick limit at the Murrys! Team Stillwater. Shane is that some Bling?! Blizzard Hunt at Kodak River!
 Day 3 with the family. Mike, Art, and Nate!  Keep the ice on the ribs, Mike! Get 'er Done Team Stillwater Style!
Guide Travis, Farren, Art, and Mike with the Artic Blast Pounding!  Day 1 Day 2 for the gang! Hey Mike, how's the ribs?!
The Gauge and Goose Showdown! Art, Farrin, and Mike staying warm in the pit...25 below zero! - 12-15-08
13 degrees below wack and stack! Garret with his first limit!
Guide Travis, Ron, Garret, Jim, & Joe with a fantastic day at Kodak! Justise, Roger, and Ken on a tough morning hunt!
View from the pit!  Stillwater Style!  In your face action!
JOHN and BILL 20 down for the count! Balboa style!
The Davis Tent Killin Crew! John and Bill on a combo hunt.
Guide Shane Kingsley and his Father at the Foiles Strait Meat Duck Club! Vince, Bruce, Matt, and Ed with a pot load of Front Range honkers!
Bill, Daniel, and Keith with some carnage! Beautiful Colorado Morning!
...look at that Colorado sky! The Virginia Gang Lewis and Braxton with guide Arnie Perez!
Cody, Ron, Justin, and Bob Day 1 at the Church! Bob, Cody, Justin, and Bob on Day 2 Smack down! 16 Honkers and 1 band!
Day 2 - 25 greenheads in the corn! Kirk, Sean, John, and Matt on the final day  of their 3 day hunt. Limits every day!
Mark, Bill, and Gary with the first honkers of December!