Photo Gallery - January 2009 (Click to Enlarge)

New Years Day Slam! Mark, Abe, Greg, Christina, Johnny, and Guide Shane with a quick limit of honkers! Tom and the Aspen Creek Mechanical
Posse! Slow morning but what an afternoon! 16 and out!
Jack AKA “Jack in the Box Jackson”, Zack, Cameron, & Morgan on an All Day Grind that ended well…except for the geese! Last day of January 2009. The "Stillwater Strait Meat" Posse" - Travis, Mark and Jeff
What a great view...The Rocky Mountains and a pile of honkers! An early Mornin Mashin at The Chruch… Tim, Travis, Chris, & Will - 1/30/09
The Clarine Posse puts the Hammering to'em again! And the Mashing Continues.......Strait
Meat Style!
Another "Stillwater Striat Meat" Mash! Mike and Gib with a "Honker Rocky
Mountain Thunder" morning! -1/29/09
Foiles and the "Illinois Killin Crew" with
a windy day limit!
Cleaning up the carnage!
Cold day on the lake with the Posse from Texas! Jess, John, & Doug with some cold weather Honkers - 1/25/09
"Got These This Mornin” and yep, it was all LEGAL. ; )
…17 and out!  Joe, Steve, Mike, Ken, Brendan, & Travis - 1/24/09
Mountain Men Roger, Ty, Lee, & Jeff with some Honkers and a bonus Greenie - 1/23/09
The "Stillwater Strait Meat Massacre"!  20 Honkers down by 8:15! - 1/23/09 Stillwater Veterans Craig, Doug, Rod, & Dave put an early morning “Smack Down on Em”! - 1/22/09
"Watch the Ice and How's the Elbow"  Clarine Posse Hammering! The"21 Honkless Decoy Day" Mash!
Jeff, Brenden, & Steve with an early morning “Take Down” - 1/20/09 Brad Olson and Crew with a Smack-O-Rama fast limit!
"A little piece of goose heaven" for the gang! Day Two Blue Bird Smack Down with another Crew for Utah “Kevin”, Chris, Rod, & Shane 1/17/09
The Rocky Mountain Rooster Crew morning hunt! Kevin on his first ever goose hunt…and yep with Stillwater Outfitters! - 1/16/09
Chris, Rob, Shane, & Kevin…Yep, it was like Springtime! - 1/16/09 Stacy on his first hunt with Stillwater Outfitters - 1/15/09
Guide Travis, Jerry "Don't shoot the decoy", Ronnie, and Joe..."Hammering the Honkers"! The gang sending the birds to get cleaned at "Bruce's Bar" in Severence.  Ask for Bobbie!
Navid, Roger, and Tony with the "Wednesday Meat Grinde"! Brent & Katy on their inaugural duck/goose hunt - 1/9/09
Shep, Jordan, & Jack…Share a Pit…1/14/08 Shawn with his Heisman Run Down! Photo by Doug Steinke
THE HDC CARNAGE CREW! Photo by Doug Steinke Check this out! Photo by Doug Steinke
Owner/Guide Travis with some big time honkers! Photo by Doug Steinke "Hunting Down Cancer" Hunt!! 13 Guys
52 Honkers!
Tucker, Todd, Tom "Seatbelt", Hunter,
& Darrin "Gettin' 'er Done"!
A "Rocky Mountain Honker Butt Kicking"!
Day 1 - Kodak Moment...Randy, Travis, Tracy, and Rick!! Day Two…Hog Daddy Oramma…Rick, Travis, Tracy & Randy…1/11/09
Keith, Daniel, Ron, and Scott with a tough 13 honker day! Tate, Hunter and Tucker with the prize for
the day!
Guide Travis, Russ, Rick, and William with the "Friday Morning Beat Down"! William with his first goose...EVER!
65 degrees by 11AM on 1/8/09…YEP…
Gerald, Steve, & Bret with 9 and out!
Steve, Bret, & Gerald with Hog Daddy’s times twelve - 1/7/09
Day 2 of filming with the Outdoor Channel. Travis, Joe, Chris, and Randy with 14 "windy day" honkers! Guide Travis Reininger, "Cowboy" Joe West, Randy Jones, Guide Chris Guccione and Gauge - A "3 Strikes You're Out" Mashing!
A "Grind Session" by the crew! A quick January pounding!
The crew with a successful "ice hunt"! Father and Son - Jonathan & Gyson on their first duck hunt! 1/2/09
Michael, Gary, Doug, and Tyler with the New Years Pounding at the Church!