Photo Gallery - November 2009 (Click to Enlarge)

Davis Tent and Posse throwing some
steel into the air!
Gauge standing over her prize!
Remington with a couple first timers! 16 and out A.M hunt! The Miles Gang - Rocky Mountain Little goose mashin'!
Guide Shane Kingsley's dog, Skeeter, haulin' in a greenie! The Bream team with Eli for a 6 pack of little ones!
Stand and hold the limit proud! Got 'em in the greens? Bigfoot or Goose? They look the same!
Tough day in the corn! Work on those deltoids. Holdin' up a fist full of Green!
Bob, Ed, and Matt.  Bed full of Mallards! Jack and Karl on a snowy morning Mallard hunt!
Daron and the pond swatters! Yves young guns getting it done !