Photo Gallery - December 2009 (Click to Enlarge)

Stillwater "Wackin and Stackin" Crew. Hey, watch the slug! Closing out '09! "Go Fast, Go Hard"!  Line those honkers up, boys!
Los Dos Carlos’s morning duck hunt before they had to go back to work. Nathan, John, and Matt pounding the honkers on a "blue bird" day!
They can’t all be easy! Marc, Blake, Chris and David!  Slow day at "Church"! Nathan and Matt - afternoon duck hunt.
Ernie, Chris , Ron, and Jeff (Not pictured) with 16 and out! Paul Korus and the Haymakers!
Norman Ames and crew - 3 Geese and 3 Ducks on a slow Kodak moment! Darren and the wreckin crew on a quick one!
Ken Smith and family on the "tundra"
pounding the birds!
John, Daniel, and Keith with a windy day limit!
Dennis and Bill with a 6 pack to go. 10 shot for the day! Alabama Killin Crew! Watch out for the hole in the ground!
Gauge and Remington getting their game faces on! Clarin Posse mixed hammering in the corn!
Day 2 of hammering for Gabe, Reed, Jade and Rick. Bonus ducks I see! "Black Hoodie Death" mashing Stillwater Style! 20 down!
The Crew with a truck full of feathers! Always bring the cook! YUMMY! Jade and Gabe with their first Honkers!
Reed, Jade, Gabe, and Rick rollin the "White Patches"! Doug Williams and Crew hammering the
morning Canadas!
Long and Hard one day...Short and Sweet the next....Honkerville! Long and Hard on the Sod!
Stu, can you say "Leg Iron"! Stu and Les smashin the "blue bird" day
Down with the Green and Black river stomp! Quick mid-morning shoot in the corn! Stay in the pit Gary! Nice Job!
Kanas Posse with 6 in the evening, shot 7 in the morning! Tough day in wheat. 7 for the all day hunt.
The gang from Kansas. Keep your hands to yourself, Fred! 17 honkers down for the count! 8:30 out of the field! Bryon, Craig, Hershel -first hunt out of layout for all the guys. Were amazed to be able to watch birds work like that. Done at 9:00!
John, Hershel, and Craig. Spent until 10:30 watching swarofgeese (the kind you can only see in binoculars). Then someone flipped the switch and it was on. Done by 11:00! Morning limit!
Bob and Crew - Day 2 hammering! Bob, Scott, Brandon - Day 1!
MR. SNUGGY! Justin (Mr. Snuggy), Cody, Bob, and Ron day 3 pile. 20 and done!
Craig and Dan afternooner mixed mash! Roger and Navid morning mixed action!
Bob, Cody, Ron, and Justin with day 2 Arctic mash! Bob, Ron, Cody and Justin puttin an Arctic hurtin' on the geese. 16 and out!
Remington and Gauge bring in a pair! UFC fighter Shane Carwin and the Rocky Mountain Rooster crew with a knockout!
Keith Williams and  Crew slappin some honkers! Mike, Justin, Josy, and Jim puttin 14 down!