Photo Gallery - February 2009 (Click to Enlarge)

Morgan, Zach, Cameron, and Jack "Jack in the box" with a great start to February! It’s a wrap…Seven Honkers Down…Pit Lids Pulled…Way Before Noon, with Jim, Darren, Hunter, “Big Dawg”, & Mike “The Dog”!
Season ending limits. Annie Oakley doesn't have anything on these boys! Last day and the geese took their final beating from Stillwater!
And then it was over! The last weekend of the goose carnage! The Davey Coach gang with some last
evening pigs!
Ewon and Wayne hammering the honkers! Brett’s First Goose Hunt! First & Second Goose and it was a Double! 2/14/09
Chad’s First Goose Hunt! His First Two Honkers! 2/14/09 ...and Dad Makes Three! Jeff’s First & Second Goose! 2/14/09
Father & Sons - Chad, Jeff, & Brett put a little "Come To Jesus" on 'em at The Church! 2/14/09 A Little Guy holdin a Big Guy!
Sam, Leon, and L.J. with a quick morning mashing! Done by 8:30! Evan, Tate, and Boomer with an 8 pack
plus 2 more for Guide Chris!
Gene, John, Kevin, & Neal after the morning sermon at The Church. Kevin & Gene add a few more in the afternoon.
Fred, Henry, Peter, & “AKA John” with a last week limit! KNOCK KNOCK! The pizza goose is here!

Les and the boys with a limit of "Splashers"!

The "Utah Goose Grinders" on day 2 of hammering!
Pat and Larry with a "Kodak Mashing"! Fathers & Sons - Jeff & Nick and Miles & Gary - all Smiles at “The Church”!
Nick & Miles with their hands full of Honkers! The "Utah Goose Grinders"!
The Stillwater Chicken Fry Massacre! Great day with some friends!
Travis showing us how to retreive a bird! Good Boy! Guide Chris, L.J., Guide Travis, and Gauge
with a "morning monster mash"!
Gauge with a great retrieval! ...and another!
The gang with a late season, half day, pile of birds! The "Strait Meat Stillwater Crew" — Owner/Guide Travis Reininger, Guide Jeff Foiles and Jeff's dog Hawk!
Brian and his Illinois killin crew with Jeff and Travis on a 46 minute "Limit Smashin"!