Photo Gallery - January 2010 (Click to Enlarge)

NOW THIS IS SERVICE - pizza in the pit! Check out this Quill that Shane Carwin shot!
Scott, Chris, Buckee, and Shane Carwin UFC Heavyweight knock out the morning! Phil, Lance, Chad with Sod mashing!
"Team Hartley" - Hunter, Darren and the Boss Tom - on a windy day on the Front Range! Doyle, Tony, Navid, Roger on a morning mashing. Good luck in Chicago, Tony! We'll see you next year!
Jeff Foiles flagging in a flock! Rascel in the pit filming for "Falling Skies 7"!
Let's take an 8 pack of honkers! Trip holding her prize!
The carnage continues for Stillwater Outfitters. 16 and out! Check out this Canada! AWESOME!
First goose ever for Matt! NICE JOB! Half day mashing in the corn for "Falling Skies 7"!
Half day pile on the snow! Guide Shane Kingsley and Dan Payne doing a little "crushville!"
Jim Miller from Portland Oregon "Hunting Down Cancer" hunt. Picking up the carnage!
Pounding in the corn on the
"blue bird" day!
Jack, Karl, Andrew - out by 9:00!
Andrew, Karl, and Jack Day 1. Do I see some green on a neck?! BIGFOOT ACTION!
Day 2 for the Western Wing Shooters! Western Wing Shooter with a "Rocky
Mountain High Colorado" shoot!
Round 2 Crushing! 12 & out by 9:00! Line'em up! Danny and the Goose Crushers! Hold that Speck proud, young man!
The Skies continue to Fall! 20 and done
on this morning MASH! Who said we don't shoot'em?! We got 'em!
Foiles and camera man Rascal stacking
 the 20 honkers for the glory shot!
"Stillwater Fallin Skies" morning 10 spot! Navid, Jeff, and Roger raining the birds for
"Fallin Skies 7"! Here's another 16!
All day 4 pack! Snow covered Mallards with a bonus Pintail!
The pounding continues from the
"Rocky Mountain Rooster" Crew!
Rick and the "Utah Posse"!
Day 1 - Jeff Foiles and the Oklahoma Pro Staff filming of "Falling Skies 7"! "Team Hartley" and the "Goose War " Crew!
We'll take another 6 pack! 6 pack to go!
The Murray brothers and friends on a classic Sod farm mashing! The Utah Goose Grinder got it done!
Rick and the boys on a tough day out East! Fill the pit with honkers. Fun day on the
grass with the posse!
Artic blast crushing from the Utah crew! Mixed mash in the corn. Snows and Specks in this batch!
Yves, Thomas, and Calvin only 3 shy of the limit! Starting 2010 with a hammering! Scott, Leif, and Larry puttin a hurtin' on!