Photo Gallery - February 2010 (Click to Enlarge)

We just wanted to send out a very big "THANK YOU" to everyone that made the 2009-10 waterfowl season a success! Colorado's #1 waterfowl outfitter could not be what it is without your continued loyalty. — Team Stillwater

End of the season bonus! Pile of honkers and some jewlery! Last day grind session. 24 and out by 9 AM. (Craig, Randy, The Double Ds - Darren and Donny, and Naz)
Wonderful morning shoot! Davey Coach Gang GOT ER DONE! Chad "Shrek" standing behind the crew!
Doug Steinke's work is incredible! Doug Steinke - AWESOME!
Doug Steinke - CHECK OUT THAT SHOT! Finishing off another limit on the water!
Incoming Splash Down mashing! The pit crew getting it done on the last day!
Bill, John and Scott with a last day water swat. 16 and out! Get'em on the water! Water Swatter Crew! Jim Weiman Crew with an all day smashing. Nice shooting guys!
These toads didn't stand a chance! Some leg iron on a little one! Nice job Bill!
Bill, Doug, and Guide Chris finishing the season with a bang! Went to "Church" today and hunted a little piece of goose heaven. Dan, Ward, and Guide TR!
What an "Old School" hurtin' the geese took today! Tom, Josh, DeChant, and TR! Owen Reininger, Stillwater Future Guide, shows off with a 4 pack! Way to go, O!
Time for a nap! Another pounding on the ice from the crew!
Let's cut 'em! INCOMING!
Quick pounding from Dalton and Shane! Good day with a handful of pigs!
Add two toads to the pile! Great day on the water!
WOW! 40 and 'Let's pick 'em up, boys!' Guide action with a 'Meat Grindage!'
The "Summit County Posse" BIG TIME HONKER CRUSH! Done by 8:45! Mike, Matt “Charles”, and Dave stompin' the honkers!