Meet the Staff

Our guides are unparalleled in experience and knowledge of the area. Their professional, friendly, and tireless approach to providing you with a memorable hunt is a huge part of what makes Stillwater Outfitters so successful.

Professional Guide
Owner/Manager of Stillwater Outfitters

I was born and raised on the Front Range of Colorado in the small farming town of Brighton. I grew up in a hunting family. My father hunted every chance he got and involved my brother and I from a very young age. I still reside here with my beautiful wife Amy, daughter Addison, and son Teagan.
I attended umpire school in 1997 after attending Western State College on a wrestling scholarship and began working my way thru the minor league system. I got the chance in 2005 to attain one of my goals in life and umpire at the Major League level. I have recently retired as a professional umpire to continue to pursue my life long dream in the outfitting industry.

I have 3 dogs -- Gauge, Max, and Otis. Gauge, the chocolate lab, is now retired after many season.  My black Otis is a hunting machine and goes with me every day.  Max is a Great Dane and Boxer mix. He weighs 130 pounds and thinks he is a lap dog. Max goes with us to the field and helps set decoys, but as soon as the guns come out he returns to the truck and guards it for us, and looks for any lost donuts that remain there.
I grew up hunting waterfowl, elk, deer, pheasant, and turkey. I love hunting all the above, but waterfowl and archery elk is what really gets me excited. You can find me hunting about 90-100 days a year throughout the US. I generally hit 3 or 4 different states with Idaho and North Dakota being two of my favorite. It’s just hard to beat a late season Mallard hunt on the Snake River of Idaho.

Pro Staff for Foiles Migrators, Mossy Oak, Browning, Big Foot Decoys, and Camo FX.

Professional Guide/Blind and Pit Building Operations

I grew up in Lakewood, Colorado but now live up north in Thornton. I was raised in a hunting and fishing family and have loved every aspect of both for as long as I can remember. Whether it was deer and elk hunting in the mountains or waterfowl hunting across the front range. It was my junior year in highschool though when I got my first goose call and some decoys that would take my love for waterfowl hunting to the next level. After calling that first group of geese in all by myself I was hooked. For me there isn't anything better then hunting geese. And have dedicated myself to waterfowl ever since.
In the off season you will still find me outdoors. My dad and I have had our own house painting business for 12 years now. I couldn't ask for a better job that would allow me to spend everyday with my dad. If I'm not working I'm either playing golf or fishing and counting down the days until goose season.

Pro Staff for Foiles Migrators, Big Foot Decoys, Camo FX, and Final Approach.


Professional Guide

I grew up in Brighton, Colorado, and waterfowl hunting is what I love to do. I think the only thing better is spending time with my family. I married my high school sweetheart, Krista, and we have two wonderful children — Owen and baby Samantha. My chocolate lab, Trip, enjoys hunting almost as much as I do.
I earned my degree in horticulture from Colorado State University and now work for the Arbor Valley Nursery north of Brighton. I love my job, but when I get the chance to sneak away and guide a group of hunters, I jump at the chance. I have a lifetime of experience as a caller and hunter. I compete in many calling competitions across the US -- placing in the top 3 in numerous contests and still improving every day. I'm known as a dependable guide that has many repeat groups that ask specifically for me, and I love hunting with them time and time again. Not only do I get out of work, I also get the chance to be out in the field and do what I love.

Pro Staff for Foiles Migrators, Mossy Oak, Browning, Big Foot Decoys, and Camo FX.

Professional Guide

I am from Lakewood, Colorado. Most of my spare time growing up was spent in the Windsor area hunting and fishing on numerous farms owned by relatives. My dad, Steve, has had me in the pit since I was 4 and I still can't get enough of it. There's nothing more exciting than fooling some big Canadas or a flight of mallards, and watching them come to the decoys and calls. I have competed and placed in numerous waterfowl calling competitions, but calling for judges don't even compare to calling geese. It never gets old. When I'm not guiding waterfowl hunts for Stillwater, I can be found in the hills chasing trophy Mule Deer or out on a lake casting for bass and walleyes.  There's nothing like being outdoors, and I'll always give 110 percent every day I'm out there. I look forward to seeing you in the coming season!

Pro Staff for Foiles Migrators, Big Foot Decoys, and Camo FX